Please let me introduce the to you. This site has been created to provide an introduction and guidance into the world of shipping. Primary it is designed for people that are new to industry, that needs to get a basic overview and get familiar with the terminology. The idea of developing originates from my own experience trying to introduce people to the industry. In that process I learned that was using many terms that came naturally to me, but where like another language to the audience. Questions like “ you mention a: VLCC, what’s that?” or “you said: ballast water management system, what purpose does that fill?” where raised. Spending a huge amount of time trying to find good material I soon realized that there is a need for a site like this and here it is!

One of the first things we plan to add is the products we will be distributing as the deals come through! The first is weighted blankets uk. Not many people know of weighted blankets, or have tried them, but they are actually great. They provide additional comfort for a better rest, and everyone knows what a good night’s sleep will do for them. Maybe give them a shot if you feel you could be sleeping better.

I hope that you will find it useful and would be grateful for your comments and ideas of improvement. Please also keep check the page out from time to time as I will fill the site up with more info. and posts gradually!

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