Container Shortage to Continue beyond 2011

Container shortages, which are soon expected to emerge in the market, will continue beyond 2011 due to a lag in container manufacturing to match the growth in slot capacity, according to maritime industry expert Alphaliner in its latest industry analysis.

The box-inventory-to-vessel capacity ratio will fall to 1.99 by the end of the year from 2.03 in 2010, said Alphaliner, marking the lowest level on record in comparison with the 2.99 containers per slot in 2000.

via Transportweekly . Com.

  1 comment for “Container Shortage to Continue beyond 2011

  1. hank parker
    24 April, 2011 at 06:01

    Seems the shortage is not improving much, though I believe there is good availability of shipping containers in alberta and a few other areas.

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