Converteam Chosen To Equip Karel Doorman

Converteam has been recently awarded a significant order from Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding to supply an Integrated Vessel Energy Plant (IVEP) solution for the Royal Netherlands Navy’s new JSS.

This ship is a multi-functional platform for maritime support, strategic sea lift and seabased missions in open ocean and littoral waters, to be built at Damen shipyards and to be delivered in July 2014.

Converteam will design and supply an optimized electric power and propulsion solution implementing latest drive technologies and user-friendly interfaces. Converteam’s integrated electric package includes power generation (25,000kW in total) and distribution, main electric propulsion with two slow-speed induction motors —8,900kW each—, thruster electric systems and an Energy Management System. This solution offers main advantages such as high efficiency, low noise and vibration levels, operating flexibility, increased availability and cost savings. Besides, this electric propulsion solution contributes to reducing exhaust emissions, therefore minimizing ecological footprint.

Jean-Philippe Chaignot, Marine Sales Director at Converteam underlines the importance of this new order: “Thanks to its in-house total solution approach, Converteam could offer an integrated full electric package and has optimized, together with Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, the Integrated Vessel Energy Plant solution with a view to making substantial operating gains. We are extremely proud that the Royal Netherlands Navy has chosen Converteam for its new Joint Support Ship Program”.

This reference adds to the numerous references Converteam has gained for many years in the naval sector where Converteam’s expertise and capabilities in electric power & propulsion and vessel control systems are well known. Converteam has equipped significant vessels for world’s leading Navies (Royal Navy, US Navy, French Navy, Korean Navy, Australian Navy) and offers solutions ranging from feasibility studies to full turnkey solutions and long term performance based maintenance contracts.

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