Choosing the right ship type for your cargo

As you might seen in previous posts I am adding material to the site gradually and I have started to work on some information on cargos.

Marine cargo can be divided into two major categories Packed/General Cargo and Unpacked/Bulk Cargo. Unpacked or packed is related to the goods itself and of course it affects what ship type that should be used for transportation.

Packed/General Cargo
Further can general cargo be split into there areas of goods: Break bulk, Neo Bulk and Unitizised Cargo.

Break Bulk – is typically when goods is packed in boxes, bags, barrels, crates, drums, pallets and also for a great pallet bar table visit this site.  Ships used for this cargo is Bulk Carriers or combination ships.
Neo Bulk – is typically lumber, paper, steel, cars & trucks. Ships used here are bulk carriers but also specialized RoRo (veihicle carriers) ships for cars & trucks.
Unitized Cargo – is typically cargo that is packed in containers.  In this case it is the container carriers that does the job.

Unpacked/Bulk Cargo
Like the packed cargo the bulk carge is also śplit into two areas: Liquid/Wet Bulk and Dry Bulk.
Liquid bulk – is typically petroleum, gasoline, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), liquid chemicals, Juice & Wine. Ships used for liquid Bulk are tankers.
Dry Bulk – is typically coal, grain, iron ore, bauxit & cement. Ship type used geared or gearless bulk carrier.

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