9 Good Websites for People in the Maritime Industry

More people are getting their news from the internet as it is a quick and good solution on keeping yourself updated. Especially when sailors are at see or if you are on the road representing an equipment manufacturer the best way is on the web. Below I have listed 9 good sites to keep you posted!

  1. Shipgaz – A Maritime news site.
  2. MarineLink – A Maritime news site.
  3. gCaptain – A Maritime & Offshore News Blog.
  4. Martin´s Marine Engineering Page – A site about the ship Engineering.
  5. The Maritime foundation Knowledge Center – A maritime directory.
  6. Professional Mariner – Another news site.
  7. The Motorship – A site about ship propulsion and equipment.
  8. Ship Technology – A site about the latest ship projects.
  9. Marine Diesels – Marine Diesel’s website is a goldmine of marine technological knowledge.

Some of the sites are providing RSS feeds (like shippipedia does) which makes it even more easy to follow the industry rumors and news!

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