Rolls-Royce Secures First Order for New Wave-Piercing

Rolls-Royce, the global power systems company, has today announced the first order for its new wave-piercing offshore vessel, from Farstad Shipping. The visually striking bow design will enable the vessel to pierce through waves in extreme weather conditions, while maintaining constant speed, reducing fuel consumption and enhancing safety.

The contract, worth in excess of £12 million to Rolls-Royce, includes vessel design and a comprehensive integrated power and propulsion system and equipment package for an advanced platform supply vessel (PSV). The contract also includes an option for a second vessel of the same specification and value.

Svein Kleven, Rolls-Royce, Chief Design Manager – Ship Technology, said: “Our wave-piercing designs have been specifically developed for the challenging offshore conditions in which our customers operate, and will deliver enhanced safety and performance benefits. We are delighted that Farstad Shipping has ordered the first of our new generation of offshore vessel designs and look forward to working with them throughout the development and construction of this technologically advanced vessel.”

Wave-piercing technology is proven technology for high-speed catamarans and trimarans, and Rolls-Royce is now applying these cutting-edge, innovative concepts to the demanding offshore market, in which extreme operating conditions can pose serious challenges to vessel performance and crew safety.

Extensive research and computer aided design methods, verified by tank testing, have enabled Rolls-Royce to reduce hull resistance substantially through the development of a wave-piercing hull form, which eliminates slamming and allows for a smooth ride even in rough weather conditions. The hull pierces through the water, rather than riding on top of the waves, allowing the vessel to run continuously at service speeds regardless of the sea state, reducing fuel consumption and improving crew comfort.

In addition to the new design, Rolls-Royce will supply Azipull propellers, thrusters, and Bergen diesel engines.

A Rolls-Royce DP2 dynamic positioning system, which uses satellite technology to accurately position the vessel, is also included. This advanced system automatically controls the propulsors to hold the vessel in position during safety-critical operations, such as working close to offshore platforms in strong winds or heavy seas.

Safety of crew on deck is as always a priority and the contract includes an ASFA (Automated Sea Fastening System) cargo securing system, giving secure positioning and securing of containers and pipes.

The new vessel ordered by Farstad is a UT 754 WP design and will be fitted out by STX Offshore Norway at its Langsten shipyard. In addition to wave-piercing designs for these platform supply vessels, Rolls-Royce has developed wave-piercing hull designs for other vessel types including tugs, deep-sea anchor handlers, construction vessels and mobile offshore drilling ships.

More than 650 Rolls-Royce designed UT vessels are in service around the world.

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