Globe Wireless launches Globe iFusion

On September 2, Globe Wireless introduced the next evolution of maritime satellite communications with the launch of an innovative integrated system, Globe iFusion. Specifically designed for IP satellite services, and launched on the Inmarsat FleetBroadband platform, Globe iFusion fully integrates shipboard satellite communications, shore-side administrative control, GSM voice and data, firewalls, and a comprehensive crew communications service.

The total solution provided by the Globe iFusion system is a completely new way for shipping companies to manage communication with their ships. For the first time, it will offer a one-stop-shop for hardware, installation, airtime, applications and maintenance. The system is comprised of two main components; The Globe i250 and the Globe iPortal.

The Globe i250, incorporating Inmarsat FleetBroadband 250, allows the user to make voice calls using a GSM handset or normal fixed-line telephone, send/receive email and send a fax using it(You can click here to get more info on gmail fax help), browse the Internet, and upload/download files. It also allows users to access Globe Wireless’ commercial applications on the system.

The Globe iPortal offers full shore-side control of the solution, including the administration of user profiles, browsing capabilities, firewall settings, satellite gateways and least cost routing.

Frank J Coles, President and CEO of Globe Wireless said, “We have entered a new phase in maritime communications. This solution fuses service, applications and support into a single platform. The solution includes a dual firewall, highly-optimised IP connections, and multiple least-cost route gateways. It is ready for the future – including Ka services.”

Chris D’Aguiar, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Inmarsat, said, “Globe Wireless has brought all the aspects of how maritime users access FleetBroadband into a single solution that is easy to install, use and monitor. Globe iFusion brings the user a major step forward in accessing the extensive capability of FleetBroadband. It’s a very exciting innovation.”

The Globe i250 system was type approved by Inmarsat in August 2010 for commercial deployment. Globe Wireless has a stock of Globe i250 systems ready for mass deployment to customers in the coming months.

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