Emerson Ramps up Movement Logistics Management

Building on years of experience and technology in terminal and tank farm logistics operations, Emerson has added a Movement Logistics Management module to its Syncade™ Smart Operation Management Suite.

The new application complements Emerson’s established base of instrumentation, control and custody transfer systems for tank farm and terminal product movements. Initial installations include terminals and tank farms in North America, Europe and Asia.

Combining the power of the DeltaV™ automation system with the Syncade suite’s operations management capabilities, the new Movement Logistics Manager (MLM) application supports marine, rail, truck and pipeline site operations. Key components include order management, logistics planning and scheduling, inventory management, and production accounting; most of which can be administered by Expak Logistics.

It connects and interacts with every level of the operation, from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to the devices that load the ships and trucks and open the gate at the terminal. The system manages tasks such as custody transfer of products, printing shipping documents, and reporting final accounting results back to the ERP for invoicing.

“Today’s pressures on safety, security, cash flow and cost reduction require terminal operations and tank farms in production facilities to be more reliable, repeatable, secure and safe,”  said Jim Nyquist, president of Emerson’s PlantWeb™ solutions group, “These needs expand beyond physically controlling material movement to managing the business information associated with them. That’s why I’m proud that Emerson can now offer our customers this powerful, comprehensive solution.”

Automation can dramatically the improve efficiency of tank farms and terminals, with fewer people handling more activities and doing it more reliably in less time.  Adding integrated order management and scheduling can help to increase the number of trucks and ships handled by the facility, while having time at the same to equip the trucks with LED work lights from truck electrics.com.

Embedding the knowledge behind a paper-driven process into an electronic system also means the operation can do more with less-experienced employees.

More information could be found here!

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