DNV acquires Behnke, Erdman & Whitaker Engineering, Inc.

The acquisition of Behnke, Erdman & Whitaker Engineering, Inc. (BEW Engineering, Inc.) in San Ramon, California, supports the DNV strategy of growth in Clean and Renewable energies.

“With the addition of BEW, DNV has further strengthened our service lines to the renewable energy market. In particular, we now offer a more complete service portfolio for renewable energy developments in North America. Most significantly, San Ramon will be DNV’s Center of Excellence in Solar Energy, Power Transmission and Grid Integration for renewable energy” said Elisabeth Tørstad, COO of DNV Americas and Sub-Saharan Africa. “BEW’s knowledge and competence are a good fit with our renewable energy portfolio.”

BEW Engineering was formed by Michael Behnke, William Erdman and Charles Whitaker in 2003. They formed the company to provide consulting services to the renewable energy market with particular focus on solar power, wind energy and power transmission and grid integration. At the time of the acquisition, BEW had grown to over 30 staff. “We had a great period of growth over the last seven years and had reached a size where we needed a stronger platform to continue to serve our customers” said William Erdman, President of BEW Engineering. “DNV was seen to be the best fit for BEW.”

Previous to the acquisition of BEW, DNV and BEW have worked together on a number of projects for their mutual wind energy customers. Since DNV’s and BEW’s services do not overlap or compete with each other, the market position and capabilities of the combined companies are greatly increased.

The addition of BEW in San Ramon adds to DNV’s already strong presence in North America

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