Wilhelmsen Ships Service opens in Vladivostok

Wilhelmsen Ships Service has opened its first warehouse in the Russian Federation. The warehouse is sited in Vladivostok, in the east of the country.

The Vladivostok warehouse will enable the company to provide its range of products direct to customers in the far eastern region of the Russian Federation. At present the warehouse is just stocking chemicals, but this may expand in future to include other products from the company’s range. The facility will be headed by Alexander Makhmurdov, who is Sales and Operations Manager for Wilhelmsen Ships Service in East Russia.

“Up until now all our products were delivered through a third party distributor,” explains James Peter Parsons, Area Director Eastern Europe at Wilhelmsen Ships Service. “Taking this into our own hands and conducting business through our own company allows us to better serve the customer and significantly increase our business strengths in the region.”

The output from the Vladivostok office has already grown significantly since the office first opened its doors.

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